How do I purchase a ticket?

Add Frolic ticket to your cart and fill in the required fields to complete your purchase.

You will receive an email with a link to register with the Frolic site and create a username and password. Once you have created your username and password you will be able to log in and access the Frolic site.

Keep your username and password handy as you will need them to log in and view the Vendor Directory, and access the links to the virtual events.

How many tickets can I purchase per transaction? Can I purchase multiple tickets at the same time?

The ticket is assigned to the email you used. More than one ticket cannot be assigned to the same email address.

How do I log in?

After completing payment, you should have received an email with the subject line, “Register to access Faux Frolic 2022” with a link to set up your username and password. Login at this page, you can enter those credentials and access the Frolic site with protected content.

I can’t remember my username or password to log in to the Frolic website. What should I do?

After registering on the Frolic website you should have received an email with the subject line “Faux Frolic 2022 login credentials”, which will contain the username and password you created for the site. If you can’t find that email request a new password to be sent to you by email.

How may I reset my password?

Request a new password to be sent to the email address you used to purchase your ticket. You will then receive an email prompt to reset your password. Important! Make sure to refresh the page where you clicked the ‘Forgot Password’ link as the site is still holding on to the old password.

After logging in with the reset password provided, you can click on ‘Edit Profile’ under your login info to change your password back to whatever you would like.

If you keep having issues, please contact frolic@torontoknittersguild.ca and we’ll help you out!

I did not receive my purchase confirmation email.

Please refresh your email inbox and check your Spam or Junk folder. If you still have not received the confirmation, please contact frolic@torontoknittersguild.ca and we can sort you out!

My ticket login is invalid. How may I get a new ticket?

Please contact registrar@torontoknittersguild.ca and we can sort you out!

I received a message that my email address was previously registered. What should I do?

You may have already purchased a ticket, or someone has used the same email address to purchase. Please contact registrar@torontoknittersguild.ca for assistance.

What payment options are there for purchasing my ticket?

All payments are processed via PayPal. You can pay with a PayPal account, or with a credit card.

In which currency is the ticket price?

Our ticket price is $25 Canadian dollars, however you may be charged in your credit card’s currency when paying via PayPal.


How do I join the events?

Step 1) Log in to the Frolic website via the Frolic Login page.

Step 2) Go to the Faux Frolic 2021 Schedule and click on the ‘Mainstage’ link, (the square image of a big flock of sheep.)

Step 3) Click on the link that says, “Click here for the Frolic Mainstage”, and the Zoom meeting should launch immediately. 

Please note, event links will become available as of Friday, April 22nd when the event begins.

Having trouble? Keep reading for more Zoom assistance. 

Zoom has a great support website with tutorials and articles on troubleshooting. 

We’ve rounded up a few common questions here:

Getting started on Windows or Mac – we recommend accessing the event from the Zoom app if you can. 

Getting started on a tablet or phone – you will need to download the mobile app from Google Play or the App store. 

Test your system – Join a test meeting to make sure your internet connection, video, and audio are working. 

Use the latest version of Zoom. Double check to see if you have the latest version of Zoom installed.

Are you having bandwidth issues? Try some of these tips. 

My video isn’t working.

My audio isn’t working.


What does my ticket grant me?

Your ticket provides access to the Vendor Directory for you to shop our awesome vendors and learn more about their businesses. It also provides access to all speaker sessions which you can watch live. They will be available for 30 days after the event.

May I attend Faux Frolic 2022?

Absolutely! This event is open globally – the more the merrier! Please note that all prices will be listed in Canadian dollars, and event times are listed in ET (GMT-5).

How do I access the events?

Events on the Frolic Mainstage are available as part of your ticket and taking place on Zoom. Click on the link in the schedule for the link to the Zoom webinar. You will need to enter a passcode to access the zoom.

Vendor Events are hosted by the vendors themselves. Follow the link to their event as it will indicate the platform where the event is taking place and how you can join in.

How do I see who the Vendors are?

Click here for the list of Vendors. More will be added in the coming days, so check back regularly.

How do I register for the Frolic Knit Night?

Register to attend the Frolic Knit Night. Space is limited, so register soon to avoid disappointment!

Is this being recorded?

Yes, the event’s hosted on the Frolic Mainstage will be recorded and will be available for viewing for attendees on the TKG YouTube channel for 30 days after the event. If you are attending an event outside of the Mainstage, please check with the Vendor running your event to see whether they are recording their event.

Where can I find information about vendors and/or speakers?

You can find a link to the weekend’s schedule here. You can find vendor information here.

Where can I find information about the schedule?

You can find a link to the weekend’s schedule here.

How can I access information about vendor discounts?

Vendors are adding any special Frolic Offerings or discounts to the ‘Frolic Offerings’ section of their Vendor Listing. Or, you can click on the “Frolic Offerings” view at the top of the Vendor Directory page to see all offerings in one place.


Will my TKG membership grant me access to Faux Frolic 2022?

No, Guild membership and Frolic attendance are not related. The Frolic is operated by volunteers from the Toronto Knitters Guild, but Guild members must purchase a ticket to attend the Faux Frolic like all other attendees.

I would like to Pay Forward the cost of a ticket to someone who cannot afford it this year. How can I do that?

Thank you very much! Your generosity allows us to provide subsidized Faux Frolic tickets to those who are struggling this year. You may Pay it Forward in the amount of your choice in increments of $10 CAD. (Please note this link will take you away from the Frolic website and into the Toronto Knitters Guild website. Rest assured the money goes to the same place – the reason for the different location is purely a logistical one).

Will my Faux Frolic ticket get me a membership to Toronto Knitters Guild?

No, your Faux Frolic ticket will only get you access to the Faux Frolic events the weekend of April 23-24. If you are interested in joining the Toronto Knitters Guild for the 2022-2023 year beginning this September, please visit this link for more information.

Is discount pricing available for Faux Frolic 2022?

There is no discount pricing, however if the ticket fee is a challenge for you, please reach out to frolic@torontoknittersguild.ca.


How do I register as a Vendor?

IMPORTANT: Vendor Registration is by invitation only, if you have not been invited to be a vendor at this Faux Frolic, please do not continue.

1) Pay Vendor Fee

After payment, you will receive a registration email with a link to register.

2) Register on the Frolic Website

You must complete registration in order to access the protected area of the frolic website where you will complete your Vendor listing and add any Vendor events you will be hosting during the weekend.

3) Log in to the Frolic Website

Once registered, log in to the website to access the protected Vendors Only Zone to complete your Vendor Listing.
You can use your email address or username to login.

4) Submit Vendor Listing

Visit the Vendors Only page to complete your Vendor Listing and submit any events. You must be logged in to view the submission form.

This is your listing in the Vendor Directory, and how attendees will see what your business is, what you are offering for the weekend, and how they can connect and shop with you. Please have your vendor information handy when submitting your listing, as you will not be able to edit this information once it is submitted. Double check before you press the SUBMIT button.

5) Register any Events (optional)

If you are hosting your own virtual event on Frolic weekend via your Zoom account, an Instagram Live, or other format, and would like it to be added to the Frolic Schedule of Events, please fill out the Event Submission form. You may register multiple events, but will need to submit each one individually.


This event looks great! How can I help?

Thank you! This is a big event and there is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that we could use your help with. If you are interested in volunteering, please reach out to frolic@torontoknittersguild.ca

I am a yarn dyer/yarn store and would like to be a vendor at Faux Frolic 2023.

Becoming a Vendor is by invitation only at this time. Please contact vendor@torontoknittersguild.ca with the subject ‘Frolic 2023’ to be added to the waitlist.

I am a fibre arts instructor and would like to offer a workshop at Faux Frolic 2022? How may I become involved?

Thank you for reaching out! We received tremendous response from our fibre community this year and our Faux Frolic agenda is filled. However, there are many opportunities to connect with the Guild throughout the year as a guest speaker at a meeting or as host of a pop-up workshop. Please reach out to programme@torontoknittersguild.ca with the subject line ‘TKG Workshop’ for more information. If it’s a good fit for TKG, our Programme Coordinator will connect with you to discuss possibilities.