Terms and Conditions

Registration and Payment methods

  • Online through the Frolic website with secure payment via Paypal.
    A paypal account is not necessary; you can pay by credit card without creating a paypal account.
  • at the Frolic on April 27 2019 — any remaining workshop spots will be offered on a first-come first-serve basis, with payment by cash or cheque.

Registration period

Registration commences in February and continues until a few days before the start of the Toronto Knitters Frolic.

  • Online Registration — with payment through paypal — will remain open until a few days before the Frolic.

Confirmation of workshop registration

Registration and payment online with paypal
Registration is completed and confirmed immediately.
Confirmation is sent by email.

Available spots in Workshop
Each workshop allows for a maximum number of participants as shown on the workshop details. Online registrations automatically update the number of spots available in a workshop.


All workshops are non-refundable, unless the workshop fills up and we are able to resell your spot.
However, workshops are transferable (see below).

Only one spot in workshop for each purchase transaction

It is only possible to register one spot in a workshop for any given purchase transaction. If you wish to purchase a spot in a workshop for someone else, please do so with a separate transaction. In your order, use the NOTE field to indicate the name, email address and telephone number of the attendee so that the class list can be updated.


Workshops spots can be transferred if you are unable to attend a workshop and find someone to fill your place.

Please email frolicevents@torontoknittersguild.ca with your registration details and the name and email address of the person who will attend in your place so that the class list can be updated. An email will be issued confirming the Transfer; this email should be taken to the workshop registration desk for check-in.

Note that any transfers are at the discretion of the Frolic Events Coordinator and must be approved in advance.

Fees and amounts

All fees are quoted in Canadian dollars.

Materials Fee

Any Materials Fee associated with a workshop will be collected directly by instructors at the beginning of the session.