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Improved Marketplace Floorplans

New this year!
Marketplace Floorplans (in PDF format) have been improved to include the Vendor name directly on their booth in the plan. No need to cross-reference booth numbers on the plans with the vendor list. And even better, the vendor name is a link to take you to their website!

View Marketplace Floorplans

Print them out as a map for your Frolic visit, or download and use them on your device for a paperless approach to your Frolic outing this year.

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Sivia Harding, guest instructor

We are pleased to announce that our special guest instructor for Frolic 2015 will be Sivia Harding.

Sivia learned to knit in 2000 and has been churning out patterns since 2003.  Her work has appeared in publication under her own name and has been featured in the Twist Collective online magazine,, various subscription clubs and many knitting books.  Her self-published designs are found on Ravelry and her website

One of her specialties is knitting with beads.  Sivia loves the magical effects achieved when beads are combined with lace, cables and other textural elements.  Sivia considers herself a knitting mentor.  She loves to inspire experiment outside the realm of the original technique or project which often leads to the student developing highly original ideas of their own.  She offers workshops on knitting with beads, designing shawls, exploring mobius, socks and more.