Camera Policy

Please note that this is the first year we are allowing photography and videotaping at the Toronto Knitters Frolic. Please be patient with us as we develop ways to incorporate photography and social media posting into our events.

  • Resale of photography or posting photos for any for profit purposes is not permitted.
  • Please be aware that some vendors have proprietary set ups for their booths. Wherever possible, please ask before photographing or taping a vendor space.
  • Do not photograph proprietary class material, including flip charts without prior permission from the instructor.
  • While this is a public space, we ask that you be respectful of people‚Äôs requests not to be photographed or taped.
  • Feel free to use the hashtags #torontoknittersfrolic and #torontoknittersguild when posting on social media.

We are asking you to use your best judgment when taking photographs or videotaping. We recognize that this is a public space and attendees and vendors have been warned that their image may be taken and used, however we are relying on everyone to be respectful and work together.

The hashtags we will be using for social media are:

#FrolicSpringSocial (for our special event Sunday)

Feel free to follow and tag us on Instagram @torontoknittersguild

Thank you for your cooperation.

Toronto Knitters Guild/Toronto Knitters Frolic